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Recent Posts

Data Center BI and Analytics using Sunbird DCIM Software

Harness the Power of Your Data Center Data

In today’s ever-changing data center environment, insights from data provide a critical competitive advantage. But with the massive volume and variety of data generated by your data center devices, who has the time or training to collect that data, analyze it, gain insights from it, and ultimately derive value from it?


It’s simply not possible with traditional data analysis or old-school tools like Visio and Excel. But data center professionals need to figure out how to harness the power of their data, or risk being left behind.

Big Data

Zero-Configuration Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics are fast, easy, and accessible with Sunbird’s DCIM dashboards and reports. Based on feedback from customers, we’ve developed dashboards that come preconfigured out of the box with the KPIs and metrics most useful for easing your data center pain points. Configure the size and order of your charts for faster, more focused data analysis, or display the specific information you want with customizable reports.


Make More Informed Decisions

You don’t need to worry about “garbage in, garbage out” with Sunbird. Gathering data directly from the devices in your data center ensures accurate, high-quality information that leads to deeper, more reliable insights. Make it simple for your people to make smarter, more informed data center management decisions. Try Sunbird’s KPI-driven data center BI and analytics today.


Democratize Your Data Center KPI’s

  • Create, edit, and share your own custom dashboard pages to drive data collaboration.
  • Give your management visibility into your data center with shareable, personalized dashboards
  • Manage to consistent KPIs across your functional teams
  • Save personal settings for your favorite and most frequently used charts
  • Share securely with dashboards that respect granular, role-based access control
Status Dashboard

Your ultimate data center dashboard has arrived.

  • Over 100 pre-configured widgets across 12 dashboard categories cover a wide range of data center metrics
  • Works out of the box—no user configuration required
  • Change the size and location of your chart widgets with intuitive, drag-and-drop simplicity
  • Pull in third-party data from around the web with HTML widgets
  • Gain full access to your data and generate self-service reports with SQL widgets
  • Quickly filter, select, or deselect chart data points to refine your analysis
  • Schedule weekly management reports for auto-creation and distribution
  • Share DCIM dashboard widgets to your corporate portals
  • Copy, Customize, and Personalize dashboards and save to personal or shared folders
Visual Analysis

Visual data center analysis: Slice and dice your data any way you want it.

  • Get full access to the raw data behind the dashboard
  • View summary panels for an overview of your data
  • Expand or contract the timeframe to get just the dataset you want
  • Display or hide data points with one click to more easily spot trends
  • Filter, sort, print, and export tabular reports to CSV or PDF to share with your team or management
Smart phone

Over 100 Interactive Reports at Your Fingertips. Sunbird’s prebuilt, interactive reports provide the data center business intelligence with the biggest impact for data center teams.

  • Interact with data across the most meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for data center management
  • View reports by category: Enterprise Overview, Enterprise Health What-If, Inventory, Space, Power, Cooling, Connectivity, Change, Tabular Reports, and DCOI
  • Explore data summaries and graphical charts for high-level analysis or drill down to easily access the data that drives the report
  • Enable aggregate functions that allow you to do counts, find minimum and maximum values, and calculate sums or averages across multiple criteria
  • Filter, sort, and hide data to pinpoint the information that matters to you
  • Export the raw data to CSV or PDF for external reporting


Add an additional layer of insight with floor map overlay reports.

Floor map reports overlay on your data center visualizations for enhanced data analysis.

Floor Map Overlay

Out-of-the-box and custom reports for every data center scenario.

  • Find Stranded Power Capacity

Power consumption reports provide a quick and easy way to identify which cabinets have available capacity, delaying expensive capital expenditure and improving resource efficiency.


  • Forecast and Trend Power and Space Capacity

Capacity forecast charts with trend lines and days-of-supply projections enable you to accurately estimate future needs and address potential shortages before you exceed capacity.


  • Bill Back Energy Costs Based on Usage

Bill back reports enable you to charge individual organizations or internal customers based on usage, ensure equitable distribution of power and energy charges, and drive energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives.


  • Simulate Power Failure

Rack capacity and failover reports simulate if your racks can handle a failover situation, without impacting equipment in use, and enable you to eliminate outage concerns by identifying available capacity for coverage in case of failure.


  • Prevent Costly Unplanned Downtime

Real-time, interactive data center health maps increase uptime by providing advanced warnings of issues, such as hot spot formation, power capacity limitations, and loss of redundancy, and helps you understand the impact of equipment failure and maintenance


  • Taylor Reports to Your Organization

Custom tags and tag groups allow you to categorize the facility items in your data centers using the nomenclature specific to your organization, ensuring that everyone understands the information and items covered in your reports.


Plan for today and in the future. Zoltar can’t help you predict if you’ll run out of capacity, but we can.

  • Make quick reservations or plan deployment scenarios and save as projects
  • Easily see the impact of each project on your power, space, and data connectivity capacity
  • Predict future power and space capacity needs
  • Make your CFO happy with just-in-time spending versus overspending and overprovisioning
Capacity Prediction

Why Sunbird?

We’re a leader in what is known as Second-Generation DCIM Software, and we focus on solving real customer problems…instead of charging for every module or user.


In Canada contact Tri-Paragon at 416 865-3392 or email us at for more information and to request a demo of the Sunbird DCIM Software and see how it provides the information and control of your data center you’ve been looking for.