Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service

General Overview of DCIM as a Service

The pandemic has Increased the need to work from home and minimize onsite staff. Social distancing and restrictions on how many staff members can be onsite are now commonplace. With Data Centre access being extremely limited, management of the Data Centre must be done effectively and remotely.

DCIM as a Service

Colocation and edge deployments are on the rise, driving more assets and sites to remote locations. Data Centre managers need to manage the assets, connections, power, and environment across many locations without the ability to go onsite.

Remote planning and initiation of clear work orders (System Feature) and instructions is more important than ever. Data Centre management must ensure work activity is done accurately the first time, reducing the need for additional trips to the Data Centre and mitigating the number one cause of downtime: human error.

DC Change Management

To improve productivity and efficiency, Data Centre teams working remotely must break down organizational domains and share a single source of truth via common views of dashboards and reports that are updated and visible in real-time.

With a subscription to Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service the management of your Data Centres provides you with a single pane of glass into all Data Centre Operations, Assets and Capacity. It provides a detailed and complete view of every one of your Data Centres, edge, and co-location included and provides you with:

3D Data Centre

Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service – Key Functions Performed

DC Optimization

Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service – Advanced Functions Available

The Data Centre

Start with the basics and expand as needed. DCIM as a Service is a process to manage all physical assets and resources in each customer’s Data Centre through a single pain of glass to obtain visual data with dashboards for the entire infrastructure in real-time and provide access to the Data Centres virtually for monitoring and managing remotely.