Tri-Paragon’s DCIM Power Chain and Network Connection Management

Power and Data Connectivity

What is Connectivity Management?

Connectivity management encompasses two areas – full power chain and network connection management:

Data Connectivity

Why is Connectivity Management important?

A dynamic data center will have frequent additions, moves and changes. Each of these actions in a high-density environment require you to answer the following questions – What is the impact on my power chain? Do I have available power and network connection capacity? Full power chain and network connection management provides fast accurate answers to these and other questions which greatly reduces time and increases the reliability of making changes in the data center. It budgets power the same way an electrical engineer would only the calculations are done in real time by the system before you make the change. This just might save you from overloading and faulting a branch circuit.

Power Chain Connectivity

Have you ever needed a fast accurate answer for the following question? – “How is this connected? This question is frequently asked just after a service incident when time means money. You can improve your ability to respond to incidents by ensuring that you have your full power chain and all network connections documented for easy access to aide in tracing routes. You can search by cable ID and display full connection path with one click. Color code labels allow for easy identification in the trouble shooting and service restoration process.

Most data center mangers are tasked with getting the most out of the existing facility. This means uncover all standard capacity before you spend millions of dollars to build a new facility. Full power chain and network connection management plays an important part in finding stranded capacity. By tracking power capacity and actual load at each point in the power chain you know exactly how much load you can add to each circuit. No need to strand capacity by over engineering.

Connections Management
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