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Recent Posts

Using SUNBIRD DCIM to Manage Data Center IT Infra and Facility Changes

Change management not only encompasses technological installations (upgrades, patching, and migrations) but also field engineering installation changes.

Change management can be a complex road littered with potholes. The irony of working in system or network administration is that you’re there to maintain the status quo and yet careful change management is also your job.  Effective delivery of services and resources demands that you maintain the best possible up-time while transitioning from old to new, whether replacing technology or simply improving upon it.

Best Practices Change Management

Change management isn’t always safe or easy.  On the other hand, roll out of new systems and technologies seems to be coming faster and even more furious all the time. Change management encompasses field engineering (HVAC, Electrical Infrastructure, Intelligent PDU’s, Racks, Cabling, UPS, Fire Protection Systems, Backup Generators and Security Devices) technological installations, upgrades, patching, and migrations (such as a physical server to a virtual machine).


Field Engineering (FE) teams routinely operate and maintain the electrical and HVAC equipment that keeps every server in the building running without a similar method of control that is applied to changes to the IT Infrastructure.


The problem of course is that most FE teams are not wired for this type of activity. In normal buildings as opposed to Data Centers, the stakes are much lower and the extra time and effort it takes to implement change management processes are not as clearly justified. Facility management organizations and the individuals that they employ are typically used to working in non-critical environments, and they bring the same tools and techniques to the table when working on the data center facility infrastructure. Sunbird DCIM Software addresses this problem and provides a single integrated approach to all components in the Data Center.


How do you manage these myriad changes in your data center? How do you monitor the progress and productivity of change orders? How do you ensure the job is done with quality and on time?

Asset Management

Every single change should have a back out plan associated with it be it a Facility or an IT Infrastructure change.  How are you going to put things back to the way they were if something fails? Will you use snapshots, such as in a virtual environment? Will you re-import crucial registry keys or apply a backup group policy to return a Windows server configuration to its previous state?  You need to document this plan and make it as clean yet elaborate as possible. Your creativity may well be impaired during a failed change/upgrade and researching options is the last thing you want to do during that stressful time. Your back out plan may well be an insurance policy you won’t ever need, but insurance is also there for peace of mind. 


It is no secret that data center operations are more complex than ever. There’s a constant stream of devices being added, removed, re-purposed and reassigned at any given moment. And until now, it’s been challenging and cumbersome to quickly provide answers to these important questions.


With the Sunbird DCIM Change Management Solution you can better manage change within your data center by optimizing your current operations, assets and infrastructure. In doing so the Sunbird DCIM software enables you to maintain best practices and improve operational efficiencies.


Sunbird’s dcTrack® DCIM software provides powerful and intelligent tools for workflow automation. The solution enables you to generate change requests, automate device moves, and maintain a complete audit trail of requests and work orders for compliance.


You can’t avoid change. But you can avoid some of the hassles that go with it. See for yourself by requesting more information from Tri-Paragon on the Sunbird DCIM integrated Change Management Solution.

Work Orders

Filter, view, and edit change requests and work orders with Sunbird’s change management functionality.

Sunbird DCIM software provides an Integrated facilities and IT work order management system

Issue Request > Approve Request > Issue Work order > Complete Work order > Monitor & Manage

From creation to approval, seamless automation: Approve Request > Complete Work order > Monitor & Manage


Make sure the right job is done, and done right – every time:

1. Remove Unnecessary Steps & Delays from Manual Efforts

2. Verify That All Information is Within Request & All Parties Are Informed

3. Coordinate & Eliminate Duplicate Requests

Ensure work order quality:


  1. Reduce work order inaccuracy or missing information
  2. Ensure work orders are assigned to people with appropriate skills
  3. Reduce workflow delays and bottlenecks



WO Status
CR Details

The change request details show the status of each task from Submit Request to Complete Request

If you have existing Ticketing software in place you can leverage your existing tools by using Sunbird’s Open Web Services API to easily integrate Sunbird DCIM software to work with your existing ticketing system. Although the Sunbird Change Management Software is an integral component of Sunbird DCTrack, you can easily integrate your ITSM software such as ServiceNow, HPOpenView, BMC, IBM Tivoli and Computer Associates.

Take the Next Step with Sunbird DCIM Software by contacting Tri-Paragon by email or by  phone at 416  856-3392 for more details and to review our Canada wide implementation and support services.