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Using SUNBIRD DCIM to Safeguard Your Data Center Against Physical Threats and Intrusions

Why is Physical Security at Data Centers Important?

As we see more and more headlines of breaches, the focus on intruders accessing critical data has been heightened.


What is the goal of those intruders?

To access critical data stored by organizations. This brings data centers into focus because the ultimate nexus of that critical data is in the data center.


One of the top responsibility areas for data center managers falls into that of physical security. Even with the shift to cloud-based infrastructure, data centers are still the critical physical bastion protecting critical data from physical theft.


What are the biggest risks to Data Center Security?

Personnel without relevant job responsibilities who have access to secure areas such as the data center computer room.  Limiting physical access to systems with sensitive information should be restricted to only those individuals whose job function requires them to have access.


Physical security is another major risk to data centers. We often see data centers with a lack of vigilance who rely too heavily on monitoring instead of implementing physical controls. This can eliminate tailgating risks and ensure that unauthorized access to secure and restricted areas doesn’t happen.

Security Components

One of the greatest risks to data centers are cyber threats. With new and emerging threats bringing new forms of malware, social engineering, brute force attacks, and other forms of unauthorized access, organizations must be on their toes when it comes to cyber security.


Look for vulnerabilities beyond the data center’s property line. If a telephone cabinet near a busy intersection is instrumental to a facility data center’s operation, then it is important to “harden that infrastructure” with a barrier. Moving toward the building, “fiber optic cable comes from the ground and can be easily identified,” says Ahrens. Someone who wanted to do damage need not even enter the building, he says, so those cables need to be secured or hidden.

Secure All

Make effective use of technology. Regarding gaining access to the inner area of a data center, facility managers must ensure that they use “robust credentialing”. This can include access control cards with pin numbers, bio-metrics, and video systems that document everything. Moreover, 12-foot-high cameras simply identify people who need Rogaine . Bring the cameras down to 8 feet so they are right in your face. They need to be direct and obtrusive.


Pay attention to people. While employees that work for an organization’s data center are subject to background checks, outsourced IT personnel may not have been investigated, says Ahrens, and that is an area facility managers can overlook. It’s also important to remember that employees may be approached for access to a file or a piece of a file in exchange for money. There is no better predictor of future behavior than looking at past behavior, which can be done through credit monitoring, drug tests, and background investigations. It is also wise to fairly compensate employees for the work they do.


Key Physical Security Steps

The eight most important physical security steps to take to protect data centers are:

  1. Make sure that all critical servers are housed behind locked doors using auditable access control measures;
  2. Limit data center access to only those individuals who have a legitimate need
  3. Ensure that visitors, contractors and others are always escorted within the secure area
  4. Perform a formal and ongoing risk assessment – The risk assessment process should always be continual. It allows you to identify and mitigate against potential threat
  5. Maintain well document policies and procedures – If it’s not written down, it’s likely you’re not really doing it. That’s why it’s important to ensure that your policies and procedures are well documented
  6. Implement logical and physical security controls – It’s always a good idea to consistently track and monitor the effective implementation of your logical and physical security controls
  7. Provide ongoing training – Personnel should be continually training on all logical and physical security responsibilities. Remember, you’re only as strong as your weakest link
  8. A camera at the door to the data center ensures that every coming and going from the data center is recorded. And directory maps of the organization shouldn’t display the location of the data center.

Information security has become a topic that is at the forefront of every business owner’s mind. With the influx of information stored in a data center, it’s becoming increasingly important that data centers take the right steps towards ensuring that they have the proper controls in place to provide secure and efficient services to their clients.


Modern data center professionals are facing a wide range of security management issues. The data centers are continuously exposed to physical and informational security threats from both external and internal sources. They need to comply with increasingly stringent company requirements and industry regulations. And they must address these challenges while under pressure to maintain uptime, drive efficiency, and generally do more with less.


Basic, low-level protection is no longer adequate for the complexities of modern data centers, especially remote and co-located facilities.


Reduce Complexity

The Sunbird DCIM software provides a single, centralized system for transparent, high-visibility data center access management and security. Manage access to different areas of your data center and keep track of who goes in and out with real-time reporting and surveillance feeds.


Operating an environment with multiple customers and users? Use role-based granular permissions to restrict access to company data and assets. Mitigate common security threats, reduce the risk of human error, and eliminate the hassle of manually tracking access requests with the Sunbird security oriented DCIM software.


Don’t Wait Until it’s too Late

Data centers are facing new security threats every day. Don’t wait until the aftermath of a breach or intrusion to protect the critical assets in your data center. Get centralized, modern data center security management with Sunbird DCIM today.



Let authorized users in. Keep intruders out


Designed to support any locks connected to a Raritan®, CPI®, or Panduit® iPDU. This solution can be leveraged in any cabinet, such as those manufactured by Legrand, Ortronics, CPI, Panduit, Minkels, and Afco.


Keep an eye on your data center – even when you’re not on site. Real-time camera feeds let you view and protect your data centers anytime, anywhere. Our solution works with both IP and USB cameras connected to iPDUs to support plug-and-play functionality that meets your specific security surveillance needs.


Peace of mind for both you and your tenants provided by Sunbird DCIM software

Physical and informational security risks are top of mind for data center owners and colocation data centers. Ensure that access to company data and customer assets stays in the right hands. Granular permissions restrict customers’ access to their own cabinets, data, and reports so you can meet SLA and security requirements

  • Remote control of doors within the software enables fast, easy, and convenient access and security management from anywhere
  • Auto-relock timer assures no cabinet will be left unlocked and unprotected
  • Real-time audit logs and reports ensure compliance with SSAE-16, HIPAA, and other industry-standard regulations
  • Protect against the biggest enterprise security threat of all: Your employees.

Seemingly innocuous employee behaviors can have unintended consequences that compromise the security of your data center. Keep your assets and your employees safe with Sunbird DCIM software that allows you to:

  • Assign and maintain user permissions with granular role-based access control
  • Integrate with your existing LDAP systems and Active Directory for an additional level of authentication
  • Prevent unauthorized access and changes
  • Enforce company policies and procedures
  • Real-time visibility of audit logs for forensic analysis.
  • View date- and time-stamped audit log entries for successful user logins, failed logins, remote storage actions, RFID card authorization attempts, and card activations, deactivations, assignments, and updates

The Bottom Line

Automation with Sunbird DCIM improves data center security, accessibility and reliability, optimizes use of space, and maximizes use of IT equipment. Sounds like a swell investment.

Take the Next Step with Sunbird DCIM

Call Tri-Paragon at (416) 567-7090 or email to arrange a demo at your convenience. Tri-Paragon also provides DCIM as a Service as well as implementation assistance and ongoing support to ensure you achieve maximum benefit and ROI from your DCIM investment.

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