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Why consider Data Centre Infrastructure Management as a Service?



Because it provides:


  1. access to accurate, actionable data about the current state and future needs of your data center
  2. standard procedures for equipment changes
  3. better predictability for space, power and cooling capacity means increased time for more productive work
  4. supports asset lifecycle including planning, purchasing, storage, staging, installing, and discarding including parts and spares.
  5. single source of truth for asset management
  6. the ability to instantly see how much capacity is used and how much is available for improved capacity planning
  7. Faster and more accurate Implementation making the benefits accrue quicker


Asset management enables the tracking of all physical infrastructure including asset details and their relationships. Easily search, filter, sort, and save custom views of your filtered data sets. Quickly show or hide any data type from your views and easily share asset list or asset record views with your team members or other departments. Easily drill up or down to other infrastructure that has a relationship with an asset.

Customers Departments

See a view of customers/departments/users by color

Centrally track the inventory and assignments of all hard drives, cards, memory modules, power supplies, patch cables, boxes of screws, SFP ports, expensive line cards, spares, and any other sub-component. Track parts collectively or individually by serial number. Manage the inventory of parts across all your sites.

Parts Templates

Parts Templates – Build your own inventory of parts and create your own parts library with customizable parts templates, a flexible feature that allows you to define the parts you want to track and which asset they are associated with. Track all your parts in one window. Know count in use and in stock.

Tri-Paragon’s Sunbird DCIM Software provides a single view into all your data centres. Capacity reports that provide detailed capacity status of all sites and infrastructure equipment, including cabinet RU space, cabinet power capacity, floor space capacity, data port usage and capacity, cooling capacity, data port usage and capacity, power port usage and capacity, cabinets with most free data and power ports.

Multi Select Cabinet Elevation Views

Multi-Select Cabinet Elevation Views from Any Site and Row – Visualize contents of multiple racks across any site to view real-time capacity. View granular, detailed information on individual assets with a single click.

Rack power planning is automated with highly accurate power budget profiles calculated for each device based on how they are used in your environment which improves power capacity utilization and eliminates stranded power. Eliminates manual effort and risk of power capacity planning. Achieves greater utilization of existing resources reducing costs. 


Model and monitor the DC power path from the main UPS or battery strings to the device power supply and all points in between. Visualize the full power path, including images of each component and connection point as well as budget power capacity and actual utilization at each point. Support for all DC equipment, including DC FAP, rack inverter, plant, plant bay, plant panel, rectifier, DC bay, and DC panel.

Multiple Power Circuit Trace

Multiple Power Circuit Trace from Redundant Power Supplies – Each node and connection in a power circuit is displayed using a graphical representation of the circuit. You can view the complete circuit from the starting item to the ending item, including each item in between.

Achieve greater utilization of existing resources reducing costs. End-to-end view of available power improves uptime by preventing a device being added to an outlet that will exceed any breaker threshold in the chain. Allows for better visibility, more efficiency, streamlined costs, and maximized ROI.

Tri-Paragon’s Sunbird DCIM Software

Using Tri-Paragon’s Sunbird DCIM Software as a Service provides a cost-effective approach to achieving the benefits required for optimal management of data centres. It removes the initial burden of implementation and training while quickly and professionally getting the software installed and the data base populated so you can reap the benefits sooner.

For additional information contact Tri-Paragon by email at or by phone at 1 416 865-3392.