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The decision on the best approach for moving your data centre to a new location depends on numerous factors.


Tri-Paragon Inc. has a portfolio of data centre products and services to decrease energy consumption, ownership life cycle costs, and improve reliability for operating data centres. View our blogs for more details.

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Tri-Paragon Inc.’s team is made up of senior consultants with a combined technology services career of over 100 years. Brief profiles are provided below.

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Streamline IT operations with a fast, uncomplicated, and efficient hyperconverged platform that combines your IT infrastructure and advanced data services into a single, integrated all-flash solution – at a fraction of the cost of traditional offerings.


Data Centre Infrastructure Management: Comprised of the processes, guidelines, tools, and methodologies used for the provisioning, governance, and overall management of data centre assets and infrastructures.

We provide a comprehensive approach to operating and maintaining an enterprise-class data centre, which encompasses IT resources, such as hardware, software, networks, and facilities, including power, cooling, lighting, and overall infrastructure. Factors addressed include:

Tri-Paragon Inc. has years of experience handling complex virtual and hybrid data centre moves and IT transformations. Nothing is left to chance as we anticipate and proactively deal with any potential risks and challenges prior to occurring.

Data centre consolidation is a common consideration for organizations that plan to reduce the size of a single facility or merge one or more facilities in order to reduce overall operational costs and IT footprints.

A comprehensive data centre assessment gives you complete visibility across networks, applications, and server farms, including storage and cabling assets. An assessment is the first best step toward alignment.

Avoiding damage to the building’s infrastructure, implementing proper tracking and auditing procedures, including transporting logistics, are some of the factors that must be considered.

These plans also ensure that corporate business objectives can be achieved during the disruption. In short, it is a plan that keeps a business operational. You may think of these plans as a documented strategy to save your business in the event of a major disaster like a flood or fire, and you wouldn’t be alone.

But the reality is that a disaster recovery plan is created to protect your infrastructure against any event that could cause a disruption, including technical glitches, system failures, power outages, and even cyber-attacks or data theft.

These disruptions cost companies thousands – potentially hundreds of thousands or millions in property and assets damage, including business revenue loss and even a bigger loss at the end – damage to the company’s brand.

Tri-Paragon Inc.

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Our Partners

Our partners are uniquely and strategically selected to enable Tri-Paragon Inc. to provide the services and products to decrease energy consumption, ownership life cycle costs, and improve reliability for operating data centres.

Sunbird’s Award-Winning DCIM Solution

Sunbird’s technologies are used across the world. Since 2007, Sunbird products are being used globally by 1,300+ customers across hundreds of thousands of racks, managing millions of assets, and monitoring billions of data points every day. From Colo to owner operated, medium to large, private to public, and non-profit, you can find Sunbird solutions helping customers improve availability and efficiency and better utilize their data centre assets.

CaTECH Systems Ltd.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Technology innovation that fosters business transformation – helping customers use technology to slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value. In turn, they transform industries, markets, and lives.

OptiCool Technologies

OptiCool Technologies is a leading provider of innovative data centre cooling solutions specializing in refrigerant-based, close-coupled cooling solutions designed to support a wide variety of data centre applications, including both low-density to high-density.


Growth-Lab-X provides real-time IoT monitoring and instrumentation for data centre optimization, measurement, and management to reduce risk resulting from change and improve management of OPEX.

Harrison Properties

Harrison Properties

What Our

Clients Are Saying

Thank-you for your continued excellent support and leadership in making these migrations such a success.

- From a client program manager upon completion of a SAN migration of 2.5 TB to a new storage environment..

You've done a great job managing the IT program thus far and got us to the year-end milestone. You delivered successfully and even passed the financial audit of our results today (as I fully expected you would). Well done and thank you. Good luck and best wishes with the rest of the program delivery.

- From the VP of Infrastructure Management for a telecommunications provider regarding the delivery of a large infrastructure program.

Once again thanks for all your great work and support" ...."Terrific job, thank you very much.

- From the Senior VP and CIO on successful completion of a multi-million dollar cross-Canada acquisition program.

Excellent job in the successful final transition of services, based on the communication, schedule and the great project planning, change management and leadership you've provided. Well done.

- From an IBM Client Principle – Outsourcing Services for completion of the transition of services in accordance with the contract.

Our client is not easily impressed, but they were impressed with the precision and clean execution of this recent data centre move. I am very proud of the work done here by the entire team.

- From a VP of IBM upon completion of a 5,000 square-foot data centre facility move to a new location.

This migration would not have happened successfully without detailed planning, mitigation of operational risks and sticking to the operational project timeline.

- From a delivery project executive upon completion of a 5,000 square-foot data centre facility move to a new location.

Congratulations and thank you for a job well done. This application server environment has been labelled the 'ugly baby', yet you managed to resolve the many tough problems. It was not easy but you pulled it off.

- From the Director of Business Services for a national telecommunications carrier on resolving the application server environment problems.

The successful migration of over 700 production and non-production servers (physical and virtual) was a key enabler for our client’s data centre and disaster recovery strategies.

- From a delivery project executive upon completion of a 5,000 square-foot data centre facility move to a new location.

Awesome - could not have done this without you. I've learned plenty and you were key to the success.

- From a senior IBM program manager upon completion of a Production application move from one data centre to another including the data associated with the application.

GREAT JOB!!!!! I'm very, very impressed! It’s excellent work. I am very happy with the content.

- From a systems integration program executive upon completion of the Project Charters and Statements of Work for a multi-million dollar transformation program to upgrade enterprise storage.

Your assistance since taking the project over has been awesome. Excellent effort getting this in quickly; on successful completion of a project previously stalled for over 6 months.

- From the Director – Financial, Admin and HRMS Application Services for getting a project back on track.