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Roles and Responsibilities in the Cyber Resilient Organization

Roles and Responsibilities in the Cyber Resilient Organization Achieving effective cyber security governance requires defining and establishing the organisation’s cyber security roles and responsibilities. After they are created, consider at what level in the organisation they need to be performed. In smaller organisations, most cyber security functions may fall to a single person. In such… Continue reading Roles and Responsibilities in the Cyber Resilient Organization

Holistic Cybersecurity Risk Management

Holistic Cybersecurity Risk Management Effective risk management is a core component of governance and must be embedded within the organisation. A framework is needed to effectively identify, analyse, evaluate, and manage cyber security risks. The framework supports consistent decision-making and prioritisation within an organisation, maximising the benefit of investment in cyber security. Tri-Paragon’s cybersecurity risk… Continue reading Holistic Cybersecurity Risk Management

Cyber Security Organization Collaboration

Cyber Security Organization Collaboration Translating a cyber security strategy and vision into action requires the buy-in and support of the wider organisation. This can be achieved by establishing a committee containing key stakeholders from across the business. The main objective of the steering committee is to achieve consensus and align cyber security priorities with the… Continue reading Cyber Security Organization Collaboration

Create a Cybersecurity Program

Create a Cybersecurity Program Organisations should establish a measurable cyber security program. The program translates the Cyber Security strategy into action, driving initiatives and continuous improvements in cyber resilience. The steering committee oversees the cyber security program. In general, point solutions generally are not effective. The same holds true for cybersecurity. The best approach to… Continue reading Create a Cybersecurity Program

Is Your Organization Cyber Resilient?

Is Your Organization Cyber Resilient? Cyber resilience is an evolving perspective that is rapidly gaining recognition. The concept essentially brings the areas of information security, business continuity, and organizational resilience together. Entities with potential need of cyber resilience abilities include, but are not limited to, IT systems, critical infrastructure, business processes, organizations, societies, and nation-states.… Continue reading Is Your Organization Cyber Resilient?

Assessing your Data Center Cybersecurity

Assessing your Data Center Cybersecurity Your organization’s goal should be to strive for the capability to: prevent, detect, and respond to cyberattacks targeting your data center. Malware, spyware, and hacking are all examples of cyber threats to data centers. Cybercriminal activity is expected to be one of the largest challenges humanity faces in the next… Continue reading Assessing your Data Center Cybersecurity

Data Center Infrastructure Management in the New Normal

Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software is quickly becoming the core engine of data center operations. Since the IT function is so vital to the success of any modern organization, improving productivity, efficiency and reliability of data center operations delivers an immediate competitive advantage to DCIM adopters.

Data Center Management Simplified

Smart Tools for Efficient Decision Making

Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service

Data Centre Cost reduction initiatives, corporate mandates, as well as space, budget, and uptime planning require detailed asset information to achieve corporate objectives.

Data Centre Capacity Planning

Capacity planning is an integral part of any data center operation and presents some of the most important, and challenging questions data center teams face. Do we have the right people and tools in place? Can we maintain uptime while maximizing computing resources? How do we keep our projects on time without increasing cost or risking outages?

Tri-Paragon’s DCIM Power Chain and Network Connection Management

What is Connectivity Management?

Connectivity management encompasses two areas – full power chain and network connection management: