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Data Centre Strategy and Roadmap

The strategy describes where you expect to be 2 to 3 years from now with your IT infrastructure and its impact on the data centre facilities. The roadmap is a month-by-month action plan describing the steps to be taken to achieve the strategy. We recommend updating the documents quarterly and producing a monthly status report on progress. This approach identifies where your data centre investments should be made, how much, and why, and aligns with your IT and corporate budgets.

Success Roadmap
Modern data centre managers are under constant pressure to do more with less while simultaneously being tasked with maximizing uptime and optimizing for efficiency and capacity utilization. In today’s ever-changing data centre environment, insights from data provide a critical competitive advantage to help tackle these challenges. A master IT modernization and transformation roadmap should include application and workload placement options and a digital infrastructure capable of supporting those decisions, i.e., on/off premise cloud, edge computing, hyper converged, colocation and/or owned and operated data centres. Keep in mind that this must be aligned with Corporate Strategy. It must not be cast in concrete but must maintain agility and be updated on a recurring schedule to ensure alignment with business requirements. The strategy must deliver on today’s business needs and be capable of responding to future digital demands, including exit strategies that support dynamic relocation of workloads.
Digital Transformation Roadmap
So how do you know where to begin, what to track, and what your goals should be? The question is how do you transition from where you are to where you want to be and align the transition strategy to your available IT modernization budget and projected capacities?
A Data Centre strategy and Roadmap engagement with Tri-Paragon assists by identifying an agile and progressive approach minimizing the initial investment and using the savings of each stage in the agile roadmap to invest in continued improvements. Gradual improvements and reinvestment of cost savings achieved in the data centre plant can amount to major transitional improvements over time. To accomplish this requires a solid integrated Facilities and IT infrastructure Strategy and Roadmap aligned with your Master IT Modernization and Transformation Roadmap.