Tri-Paragon Inc.


Data Centre Design / Build / Operate

Data centre design is continually evolving to meet the challenges of not only energy efficient data centres but also the unique needs of data centre security, cooling systems and data centre power systems, such as data centre UPS systems and battery backup. A well-thought-out design plan will increase uptime and reliability for owners and colocation clients. Our design Team Engineering Partners apply all the latest tools and techniques such as Digital Twin Software to validate the requirements and performance of the Data Centre before the shovel is put into the ground. Any suggested changes during construction are first validate using our Digital Twin Simulation Software.
Data Centre Consolidation
We design, manage, and operate data centre infrastructures for clients across all industries, including facilities, computing assets and storage networks and server infrastructure, to optimize the performance and efficiency of your entire data centre. No matter what level of support required – from daily maintenance of the IT infrastructure to monitoring the health of your data centre’s performance – we help you run your data centre more proficiently with our 5-star customer rated DCIM software, in addition to a mixture of remotely managed operations and on-site management services.