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Introduction to Tri-Paragon Data Centre Services

A full suite of data center life cycle services to improve overall performance and reliability of your data center and reduce life cycle costs.

Key TCO Metrics

Complete Life Cycle Support

Data centre facilities require specific industrial design and engineering requirements to meet the needs for fire-protection, power provisioning, stand-by power, cooling, physical security, and layout. Prior to project commencement, a project charter is developed to identify a clear and defined scope, decision rights, and potential risks and receive executive sponsorship.

Planning – Data centre planning is the process of planning for current and future hardware, software, and other data centre infrastructure requirements within a perceived time frame. It is a form of capacity planning that reviews and analyzes current data centre utilization to plan for effective utilization of the data centre capacity.

It supports the operations of the raised floor, including planning, management, and oversight of teams to execute installs and de-installs in accordance with authorized change requests.

Assets – Real-time views and data of the data centre including power, CRAC’s, servers, storage, networking equipment, rack PDUs, patch panels, etc. Includes asset details such as purchase date, acquisition cost, record of modifications, serial and model number, manufacturer, etc.

We manage all your OS updates, patch all your servers, and ensure they are up-to-date to prevent most exploits and hacks. We help you plan the replacement of your computers at scheduled intervals to manage your budgets while replacing the oldest equipment in your environment on a set schedule that is planned with you and your teams.

Capacity – Accurate views of physical space, power, rack temperatures, and network ports down to the outlet and port level, UPSs, CRACs, circuit panels, etc.

Power – See how much power you are using at a moment’s notice, down to individual components and individual outlet metering.

This sample power dashboard shows just a few of the metrics that can be tracked, including actual and planned power vs. capacity per cabinet, location’s actual active power, and budget power capacity.

Connectivity – Full circuits with patch cords and the structured and power distribution cabling between endpoints to see exactly how systems are connected on your data centre floor with 3D visualization.

Using our Aruba network solutions secure fabric network infrastructure, we can enable your business with both local and mobile network capabilities, along with your VOIP and video. We deliver simple, reliable, and affordable networking solutions for small and midsize businesses. We take the hassle out of networking.

Environment – A complete environment management solution to identify potential trouble areas like hot spots and overcooling and help you save energy while maintaining an optimal data centre environment.

Security – Ability to manage access to different areas of your data centre and keep information in the right hands with real-time reporting, surveillance feeds, and granular role-based permissions to support tenant models.

Predictive maintenance: This is a critical part of the data centre’s strategy. Predictive maintenance leverages measurements and other data analysis to recognize any changes, trends, or irregularities that could point to a potential failure. In this way, the potential issues can be addressed before they lead to an outage.