Data Centre Relocation & Migration

A data centre relocation/migration can be one of a company’s most complex and challenging endeavors requiring a thorough business risk assessment and mitigation strategy for success. There are 5 critical issues to consider when relocating a data centre or migrating workloads:

Data Centre Relocation & Migration


Data centre relocations are extraordinarily complex, sensitive projects requiring a high degree of expertise and applied experience to achieve success and to minimize the risks of unplanned system and application outages. Tri-Paragon Inc. applies a rigorous approach to managing the risk of a data centre move using its proven data centre relocation methodology (DCRM). Planning the relocation is the most critical and time-consuming activity to ensure all risks and mitigation strategies are identified, detailed execution plans are developed, application maintenance windows are respected, and the move is carried out in an appropriate timeframe. An experienced team is required for effectiveness and efficiencies to save time, costs, and most importantly – potential errors and accidents.

Our DCRM describes in detail the processes for site selection, discovery, and due diligence, and planning of the new data centre (power, cooling, cabling, and rack and equipment layout requirements), including the project initiation, execution, and close out processes. Tri-Paragon Inc.’s years of experience planning and executing data centre relocations provide our customers with a level of comfort that their critical assets are receiving the care they require and deserve. Tri-Paragon Inc. has over 15 years of direct data centre relocation and workload migration experience serving the technology, telecommunications, transportation, and retail industries.

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