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Tri-Paragon Inc.’s Engagements in the Utilities Sector

Hydro One – Capgemini

Hydro One

Tri-Paragon Inc. was hired by Capgemini to manage a major Hydro One program to move legacy servers and VM’s off old end of life hardware to a new converged infrastructure hardware platform. There were two major pieces to this program:

This program was plagued from the start up with delays in hardware delivery from the vendor and change requests from the client. Another key factor that affected timelines were concurrent application upgrades that were taking place that had to be interwoven into the timelines of this program. Tri-Paragon Inc. managed all these challenges, completed the infrastructure build at both data centres, and developed an in-depth plan to complete all migrations. This approved plan was turned over to the migration team to execute.

Enbridge Inc.

Enbridge Logo

“Tri-Paragon was instrumental in making the Y2K Program for us and several other Enbridge Energy Distribution companies an unequivocal success”
– Terry Pasher, Director – Corporate Y2K Program.

Tri-Paragon Inc. provided consulting services as the Corporate Year 2000 Program Manager for Enbridge Consumers Gas and Affiliate Companies consisting of St. Lawrence Gas Company Inc., Niagara Gas Transmission Limited, Consumersfirst Ltd. (now Enbridge Home Services), JP Haynes Inc., Cornwall Electric, and Enbridge Pennsylvania Inc. The overall year 2000 inventory was comprised of over 4,000 technology assets, which consisted of IT infrastructure technology, business applications, systems software and technology, network technology, gas distribution technology, and various field technology. The corporate year 2000 program was comprised of 150 dedicated human resources and at peak times with 200+ resources. The projected budget forecast for the program was $26.4 million, and upon program completion, actual costs expended were $22.3 million. Projects were divided into critical and non-critical (high, medium, and low) priority projects with a total of 110 critical and 171 non-critical projects. The program inventory consisted of 3900+ unique technology assets (field and IT assets) for Y2K assessment and preparedness.

“Tri-Paragon’s allocated resource demonstrated our ability to manage a large, extremely complex project by employing some very commendable strengths and attributes – organizational skills, thoroughness, dedication, flexibility and patience. A job well done!”
– Dwight A. Willet, General Manager and VP – Information Technology