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Data Center Relocation

Data Center Relocation – Not as simple as it may seem

A data center relocation is not just about moving servers and plugging them in at their new locale. In reality, a data center relocation can be one of a company’s most complex and challenging endeavors. With mission critical information and high-stakes money on the line, the failure of any key steps in the process can have potentially devastating repercussions. Valuable data can be lost. Expensive IT equipment can be damaged. Critical systems may remain offline for hours, days or even weeks as problems are resolved. Such issues can end up costing a company thousands–or even millions–of dollars in lost productivity and lost revenue. ¹ 


Data Center Relocation – Planning is Critical

Planning is critical and must be done at the detailed level.  Typically, 80% of the time for the overall move goes toward planning, whereas the remaining 20% of the time is allocated toward the physical move itself.  Assigning a knowledgeable, experienced project manager (PM) is key to any successful data center relocation. While many companies have competent, professional project managers on staff, a data center relocation presents a different challenge. This requires a project manager with prior data center relocation experience. Data center relocation project management involves identifying and pre-planning unique data center relocation issues that will impact creation of timelines. It involves managing associated people, budgets, and, most importantly, data center relocation risks.¹


¹ Bruce Cardos is a principal consultant at Datalink, a publicly-held data center IT solutions and services provider.


Data Center Relocation – Tri-Paragon / CaTECH Partnership

Tri-Paragon Inc., a management consulting company focused on Data Center Relocations with over 15 years direct Data Center Relocation experience coupled with our partner Ca-TECH Systems Ltd. one of Canada’s largest network infrastructure providers are constantly striving to improve and refine the multi-disciplined methodology of planning, technical processes, cabling, physical moves and industry best practices necessary for successful data center relocations.