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Data Center Relocations

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Data Center Relocations – High Risk Projects


Data center relocations are high risk and a major undertaking for most organizations.  Virtually every department in an organization is affected by a data center move. 


Key Tips For a Successful Data Center Relocation


If you are planning to make a data center move in the near future, a download is available with a compilation of key tips to help ensure the move is successful.  These tips have been compiled based on numerous data center moves that have identified many issues that can be avoided.  It is by far not all inclusive, but identifies the most critical components of an effective data center relocation plan


Data Center Relocation Planning is Critical


Planning is critical and must be done at the detailed level.  Typically, 80% of the time for the overall move goes toward planning, whereas the remaining 20% of the time is allocated toward the physical move itself.




  1. “We have shown our best when we exceed the expectations of our clients. The client was very impressed with a precision and a clean execution of this recent data centre move. I am very proud of the work done here.”  IBM Vice President
  2. “The successful migration of over 700 production and non-production servers (physical and virtual) was a key enabler for our client. This migration would not have happened successfully without detailed planning, mitigation of operational risks and sticking to our project time timeline. The migration of the production environment took 11 cumulative weeks and the nonproduction environment took just 4 days. It included the movement of almost 150 applications including critical applications, all associated storage/SAN, Network Equipment and tape backup infrastructure without any unplanned outages. All systems were validated and operating successfully post move.”  IBM Delivery Project Executive