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Data Centre Asset Management

Asset Management on Steroids

Assets exist in all types of data centres:


  • Enterprise data centres.
  • Managed services data centres. …
  • Colocation data centres. …
  • Cloud data centres
  • Edge data centres
  • Micro data centres
  • Telecom closets or Distributor Rooms
Data Center Types

Data centre components require significant infrastructure (assets) to support the centre’s hardware and software. These include power subsystems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), ventilation, cooling systems, fire suppression, backup generators, and connections to external networks.


Data Centre Asset Management on steroids!

  1. Do you want to have a Data Centre Asset Management solution that is fast, easy, and complete?
  2. Are you using excel files and Visio diagrams, and home-grown systems to track your Data Centre assets?
  3. Are they hard to use, hard to maintain, and error prone?
  4. Are you able to deliver the information you need when you need it?
  5. Do you have an easy-to-use solution that lets you maintain an accurate inventory of data centre assets and real-time views across your entire data centres, including equipment in racks like servers, storage, networking equipment, rack PDUs, patch panels and even applications?
  6. Can you see the entire power and network chain at a click of a button?
  7. Do you want to accurately track and view your assets in real time, so you can manage your data centre more intelligently?
  8. Are you able to get the latest information on make, model, dimensions, weight, serial number, asset tag, server name, server function, owner, rack location, cabinet name, RU position, orientation, configuration, customer(s), data ports, cord type, cord color, MAC addresses, IP addresses, connectors, protocols, data rates, power connectors, voltage, watts, amps, purchase price, purchase date, lease details, installation date, warranty period, maintenance dates, end of life dates, end of service dates documentation links, system admin, admin team, asset status at the click of a button?
AM Fast easy complete

Tri-Paragon’s comprehensive enterprise-class DCIMaaS solution (using Sunbird Software) eliminates the pain of managing multiple locations and files from ad hoc desktop tools like Excel® spreadsheets and Visio® diagrams.


Track anything and everything in your data centres with our custom fields.

Asset Tracking and Models

Detailed Model Specifications including U space, dimensions, weight, power requirements, and power, network, storage, serial, and VGA port information.


  • Think beyond what’s “out of the box” with customizable fields that accommodate your unique data
  • Configure page layouts for specific teams or functions to reduce time wasted looking for specific information
  • Organize and display custom fields across multiple panels in a logical way that makes the most sense to you
  • Specify types of fields – including multi-select picklist values – for higher data integrity and quality control
  • Centrally manage inventory of all hard drives, cards, memory modules, power supplies, patch cables, and any other component, even boxes of screws
  • Monitor your inventory of high-value equipment like server blades, network line cards, and transceivers
  • Monitor spare parts with user-configurable thresholds to know when you need to purchase more
  • Total control to customize your company’s own Parts Template and the Parts Model Library
  • Track all parts assignments, serial numbers, lifecycle, or any other attribute you desire with custom fields
  • Have complete transparency with a fully searchable, sortable, and exportable audit log of all parts transactions


Make provisioning as simple as:


  1. Select a Data Centre Asset Management Model
  2. Perform Smart Search
  3. Reserve Data Centre Space, Power & Network

Say Goodbye to Manual Audits, Say Hello to Auto-Discovery

  • Discover critical infrastructure such as rack PDUs, UPSs, and all other SNMP-enabled critical infrastructure simply by entering an IP.
  • Make IP address range searches more precise by specifying SNMP parameters, scan options, and what to discover
  • Rapidly identify and correct inconsistencies between deployed assets and devices managed by Sunbird’s DCIM solution for a 100% accurate database
  • Automatically add and update metadata such as system name, description, system network interfaces (ports), virtual memory, disk storage capacity and percent used, make, number of processors, as well as system resources metadata like RAM, CPU, services, or processes for IT devices via CMDB integration
  • Make verification a snap with support for wireless handheld scanners for UPC code, QR code, and RFID tag scanning


Comprehensive Blade Configuration Support

  • Automatically track weight of entire chassis as you add each blade
  • View half height or full height of blades
  • Track VM’s on individual blades
  • Track network and other I/O cards, ports, internal routing and Virtual Networks, plus upstream connections
  • Support for N, N+1, N+N power supply configurations
  • Track blade and chassis configuration information
  • Map power supplies to rack PDU outlets and see full upstream power chain


Blade Chassis

With our Android and iOS mobile app, easily scan, search, AND edit your DCIM database:

  • Critical information at your fingertips
  • Faster, easier, more accurate, paperless auditing
  • Works on Apple iOS and Android
Mobile App

Discover and Track All Your Virtual Assets – Virtualization provides a dynamic environment for asset management that can utilize resources more efficiently than traditional servers and networking. Sunbird’s DCIM software integrates with the VMware vSphere platform to simplify discovery and management of virtual assets.


  • Supports discovery and tracking of multiple vSphere hosts and virtual machines as assets in the software
  • Syncs with vSphere on demand or at periodic intervals so your data is always up to date
  • Generates email notifications and audit reports that log sync errors as well as changes to hosts and VMs so you can monitor your virtual environment
  • Enables easy configuration of IP address, host name, protocol, username, password, and other vSphere attributes via Sunbird’s web UI

Try our Asset Management on Steroids!

Mobile App

Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service (DCIMaaS) using Sunbird’s dcTrack software provides all the features and functions required for Data Centre Asset Management and more. Contact Tri-Paragon to arrange a full featured demo or a proof of concept.

Contact Tri-Paragon Inc. email at or give us a call at 1 416 865-3392.

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