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Future Proof Your Data Center Cooling with OptiCool®

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Company Overview:

OptiCool Technologies is an affiliate company of Calvary Robotics – a 20 year history of engineering innovation. We design, engineer, manufacture and market our award-winning OptiCool® cooling system in Webster, NY. We focus exclusively on refrigerant-based cooling solutions which can be located wherever you locate your technology, Data Centers, CoLo’s, Cloud Centers, Telecom Switch Rooms, Cable Head End Rooms, Cell Phone Tower Rooms and Wire closets.

OptiCool Headquarters

375,000 square foot headquarters facility, Webster, NY

OptiCool® revolutionizes data center design by reducing the need for airflow management as the primary design criteria for cooling. In2013, we were recognized by Gartner as a “Cool Vendor” in Data Center Infrastructure, Power and Cooling.


The Problem:


Managing airflow in the data center is overly complex, costly and ineffective. In addition new high density server technology and storage virtualization platforms requires high-density cooling. Computer room air conditioning with “containment” is poor design. It is energy intensive due to fans moving the air, low capacity per rack, poor utilization of space, and essentially is a “contrivance” system.

OptiCool Traditional Cooling

In-Row Cooling is floor space and energy intensive with low capacity per rack and poor utilization of space. It also is energy intensive due to fans and is ineffective at redundancy.

OptiCool In Row Cooling

High density server technology and storage and virtualization platforms require high density cooling.


The Solution:


The Gartner Data Center Cooling Efficiency Model as depicted below shows that Cooling closest to the heat source drives efficiency and the least efficient is the conventional “cool the room” approach.

OptiCool Gartner Efficiency Model

Given that leading OEMs are forecasting electronics heat density will continue to increase, “rack utilization” is increasing (Gartner) and “rack height” is increasing (IMS) how does OptiCool® future-proof design?


OptiCool® is highly scalable supporting low- to high-density (currently up 30 KW / rack) with far superior efficiency.


Since conventional cooling has capacity limitations and is inefficient and containment is limited to ~15 kW and has efficiency limitations an alternative solution is required for high density and high performance computing environments.

OptiCool Efficiency Capacity Model

The OptiCool® rack containment solution is highly scalable supporting low- to high-density environments (up to 30 KW / rack) with far superior efficiency.


The OptiCool® data center cooling system provides close-coupled cooling at the heat source for low- to high-density cooling applications. OptiCool® is a low-pressure, refrigerant-based system which is adaptable to any computing equipment rack. The OptiCool® Cool Door® system attaches to the equipment rack and can support a variety of heat load and redundancy configurations while delivering unprecedented simplicity, performance and energy efficiency.


OptiCool® is vastly superior to conventional data center cooling, which includes computer room air conditioning, hybrid containment and in-row sytems. The OptiCool® data center cooling system provides exceptional energy efficiency (up to 95%) for a broad range of cooling applications from 2 to 30 kW per rack. Each OptiCool® refrigerant pump system delivers 210 kW of cooling capacity yet is only 40″ wide offering a dramatically reduced cooling footprint. In addition, each Cool Door® can be configured to support in-rack cooling redundancy at 20 kW per rack. OptiCool® can support both raised floor and non-raised floor environments.

OptiCool® System Components

OptiCool® System Components

OptiCool System Overview

OptiCool® System Overview

To learn more and find out how OptiCool Technologies can improve your data centre operations and provide the required cooling for your high density computing environments call:

Tri-Paragon at 416.865.3392 or email us at

to help revolutionize your date centre design and we will help you to access the subsidies available from your local electricity provider to optimize your investment.

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