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Managing Data Centre Port Capacity

Data Center Standard

Sunbird DCIM software provides Data Centre operations managers with the ability to identify, locate, visualize, and manage all physical Data Centre assets, quickly provision new equipment, and confidently plan capacity for future growth. Sunbird DCIM software also helps control energy costs, improve Data Centre design, and increase operational efficiency.

Implementing a Sunbird Data Centre Infrastructure Management solution provides Data Centre operations managers and their companies with significant operational and cost-saving benefits, today and into the future.

DC Capacities

As environments grow increasingly dense and complex, you need to accurately inventory and track individual physical port types residing on every device to make the most informed decisions to improve planning for new equipment and services and aid in maintaining and troubleshooting your enterprise and colocation infrastructure.

Track and manage port capacity proactively to ensure projects are completed when needed

“A lot of times I’m in a meeting and there’s a project coming up and we’re going to deploy some new equipment and we want to know what we have for connectivity,” said Tom Wysocki, Data Centre Manager, KPMG. “What I’m able to do is bring up a visual of that switch and very quickly I can highlight what’s connected and what’s not connected. So, if we are in a project and I know there is going to be ten servers and I am going to need two connections per server, I can see I have got plenty of ports available and even assign those out now to the network team or the project leader and say, ‘These are the ports we’ll be utilizing,’ so they can go ahead and start getting them configured. We can start pre-cabling ahead of time and labeling and really move ahead on that project. Using the Sunbird DCIM software you can also determine the required cable lengths and have the requisite cabling in place ahead of time.

DC Capacities DB

Implementing the Sunbird software improves Capacity Planning & Utilization by quickly modelling and allocating space for new servers, racks, IT, and facilities equipment.

For more information and to schedule a one-on-one demo of the Sunbird DCIM Data Centre software send an email to or call Roy at (416) 865-3392.

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