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Recent Posts

Reducing Your Data Centre Carbon Footprint Best Practise No. 3

Reducing Your Data Centre Carbon Footprint
Deploy a complete data center management solution to dramatically reduce energy consumption and drive sustainability.

As data centers continue to require more energy to keep up with the demand of modern consumers and businesses, so too does the spotlight as customers, governments, and industry regulators increasingly push for increased sustainability and social responsibility.


Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) software when combined with metered power infrastructure and environment sensors forms the complete solution to operate highly efficient data centers.

Efficient DC Ops

DCIM software provides an enterprise-class polling engine that collects live measured readings from your meters and sensors, stores that data over long periods of time, and transforms it into actionable insights that make increasing efficiency easy in the for


m of zero-configuration business intelligence dashboard charts, reports, and visual analytics on your floor map in 3D. You can also set warning and critical thresholds on your collected data to be the first to know of potential issues such as overcooling or over-temperature conditions.



Reasons to deploy DCIM software at the start of your green data center initiative include:

Instant Accuracy. Have a complete picture of your energy usage and environmental conditions from day one and start trending that data so you can clearly see the state of your data center before and after you’ve increased efficiencies.

Data-driven decision-making. Turn your meter and sensor data into actionable information. Easily assess, plan, and review your strategy to make the most informed decisions during your sustainability initiatives.

Perfect Timing. Having an objective to increase your sustainability provides a fresh start to move away from manual, inaccurate, and antiquated tools and towards a modern solution. DCIM software will make up only a small part of the project scope, so it’s a great time to get funds for a cutting-edge data center management platform.

Immediate return-on-investment. Gain all the benefits of having a DCIM solution right away. Maintain uptime, improve capacity utilization, boost productivity, and reduce costs from the onset.

Environmental Reporting

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