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Transforming your Data Center

Modernizing Your Infrastructure for your virtualized workloads Expand Your Possibilities. Not Your Data Center.

How can Hyperconverged Infrastructure enable you to modernize the infrastructure for your virtualized workloads to:

  1. Streamline operations,
  2. Improve agility, and
  3. Reduce costs
  4. Reduce risk


Traditional IT infrastructure is losing ground because it is viewed as too costly and complex. Instead, organizations are turning to the public cloud and Hyperconverged Infrastructure as alternatives because they are less costly and easier to provision and manage. Within the Hyperconverged Infrastructure category, SimpliVity, an HPE Company, is one of the fastest growing vendors.  In a report recently published by Gartner, SimpliVity’s growth of 71.4% in 2015 outpaced the overall category by 1.4x.

HPE Simplivity Stronger Together

So why are enterprise companies adopting Hyperconverged Infrastructure to transform their data center and infrastructure?

  1. Recent research from Gartner found that skills and resources were identified as the #1 barrier to CIO and IT success.
  2. The second barrier to success is funding. Although funding/budgets have improved since the global financial crisis, managing CapEx and OpEx still continues to be an ongoing challenge.  CapEx spending has slowed but OpEx has not kept pace.  In 2005, IDC found that for each $1 spent on servers resulted in $1.51 in OpEx spending.  By 2015, every $1 spent on servers resulted in $3.91 in OpEx spending, a more than 2.5x increase.
  3. The third challenge is the need to improve IT/Business Alignment, including initiatives that make IT more responsive to the business like time to provision new infrastructure for projects and improving Recovery Point and Recovery Time Objectives to reduce risk to the business.

Along with research on barriers to IT success, Gartner has also conducted research with IT leaders on their top global IT initiatives.  Infrastructure and Data Center projects along with cloud are a top priority as they look to shift time and resources from run efforts to initiatives that transform the business such as BI/Analytics projects that enable businesses to leverage big data for competitive advantage; digitalization efforts; and mobile. 


What SimpliVity does is take the entire legacy stack: everything including servers, storage switch, HA shared storage, and SSD arrays, backup, WAN optimization, and data protection apps – and consolidate it all into a 2U appliance. By consolidating the entire stack SimpliVity is able to provide all IT and data services for virtualized workloads on any server of your choice – including SimpliVity’s OmniCube, HPE ProLiant DL380, Cisco UCS, Lenovo System x, and Dell PowerEdge all powered by the SimpliVity OmniStack Data Virtualization Software Platform.


The OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform provides three key benefits to end-users:

  1. Guaranteed Data Efficiency – Only SimpliVity deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes all data at inception globally, eliminating unnecessary data processing, improving application performance, while guaranteeing 90% capacity savings across storage and backup.
  2. Built-in Resiliency, Backup, and Disaster Recovery – Only SimpliVity delivers the resilience, built-in backup, and bandwidth-efficient replication needed to ensure the highest levels of data integrity and availability, eliminating the need for legacy data protection.
  3. Global VM-Centric Management and Mobility – Only SimpliVity delivers policy-based, VM-centric management abstracted from the underlying hardware that simplifies day-to-day operations and enables seamless data mobility, making development teams and end-users more productive.


So what are some of the reasons to consider moving forward with SimpliVity?


First, Simplivity is the industry’s most complete Hyperconverged Infrastructure platform.  Our vision was more comprehensive since we deliver all IT infrastructure and data services, including built-in data protection, on x86 building blocks.  This is also why our customers are able to reduce the devices they need to purchase, deploy, and manage by 10:1 and why the majority of our customers are able to retire their existing backup or replication tools.


Second, our solution is differentiated by the industry’s most advanced data services.  Our approach to data efficiency is unique in the industry since only SimpliVity deduplicates, compresses, and optimizes all data at inception globally once and forever.  This enables us to offer built-in data protection that is very capacity and bandwidth efficient.  More importantly, customers who deploy our solution dramatically improve their RPO and RTOs, while eliminating the need for separate backup or replication software.  And this also means that VMs deployed on our platform are very mobile, making it very easy to move VMs between data centers as needed or create clones for the development  and test teams.


Third, our solution differs from others because we take a VM-centric approach to management across all of your data centers and remote sites globally.  So your team no longer has to worry about managing RAID groups or LUNs.   The entire environment can be easily managed using interfaces that your team already knows how to use such as; vSphere, orchestration and automation tools, and REST APIs.  


And lastly, we have also been recognized as a customer satisfaction leader, including receiving the TSIA Star Award for Best Practices in the Delivery of Customer Success & Support and maintaining an NPS Score of 90, significantly above the industry average.


And that is why SimpliVity is powering the world’s most efficient and resilient data centers.  To learn more and to find out how to Expand Your Possibilities, Not Your Data Center call Roy at Tri-Paragon at 416.865.3392.

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