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Tri-Paragon’s Sunbird DCIM Mobile App

Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) as a Service
Tri-Paragon’s Sunbird DCIM Mobile App
Manage and Audit Your Data Centre Assets from the Palm of Your Hand

Manage and visualize assets from the palm of your hand through a simple yet effective user interface, a must-have for managing data centre operations in today’s ever-changing business environment. Never again will you need to waste time walking the data centre floor, writing down changes, and finally implementing them back at the office. The app features multiple ways to add, edit, and move assets—all from your smartphone or other mobile device—to simplify and speed up your on-site audits.

Manage Locations
Edit Assets and Specs
AM and Identify Assets

Tri-Paragon’s Sunbird dcTrack mobile application enables you and Tri-Paragon to easily manage your data centre operations remotely from the palm of your hand. Having complete visibility and transparency into the information and history of any asset in your data centre helps drive efficiency and facilitate compliance. For the most effective remote data centre management, the system maintains a real-time audit log for all changes in your data centre that includes what action was taken, by who and when.


Tri-Paragon’s Sunbird dcTrack second-generation DCIM makes it simple for data centre professionals to make smarter, more informed remote data centre management decisions to improve data centre health and efficiency while dramatically simplifying overall data centre management.

To schedule a demo and receive an overview of Tri-Paragon’s DCIM as a Service using Sunbird DCIM Software - contact us at 1 416 865-3392 or email us at